Lisa Carlson


Therapist and Clinical Supervisor

Lisa Carlson (M. Ed., LMFT, NCGC II, CGAC II) is a trained couples and family therapist, working from a non-pathologizing, systems-oriented stance. Lisa is a part of the Meridian Problem Gambling Program where works with individuals who have been impacted by the problem gambling of another person. Within the Meridian Program, she also provides couples, family, and other relationship-based therapy, and conducts Fundamentals of Recovery, an education group focused on topics central to addiction. Additionally, Lisa is a mental health counselor, and provides services to individuals, couples, and families. When time permits, she also offers tobacco treatment.

Lisa’s therapeutic style is direct, compassionate, challenging, educational, imaginative, intuitive, and inquisitive, and she frequently uses a white board, offering a visual element favored by many of her clients. She is passionate about social equality and LGBTQIA issues, and delights in the concept of boundaries and the benefits of open and direct communication. Lisa finds her clients to be amazing people full of strengths, resources, and capacity for change, and she feels privileged to enter their experience.

Aside from her work as a therapist, Lisa is also a clinical supervisor, supervising staff and graduate intern therapists, while also providing support and training to staff around areas of policy, procedure, documentation, and electronic record systems. Additionally, Lisa has developed two programs: an agency-wide program that assists tobacco users in recovering from use and a sliding scale program that allows clients to work with graduate intern therapists from the University of Oregon’s Couples and Family Therapy Program. Lisa is also a Tobacco Treatment Specialist Trainer, and presents regularly within local community and educational settings on topics related to mental health, addiction, and counseling practices.