The Endeavor Program


Substance abuse treatment to individuals that have been referred by a Lane County Parole and Probation officer

Since 2004, funding through Lane County Community Corrections has supported the Endeavor Program, which provides substance abuse treatment, free of charge, to individuals that have been referred by a Lane County Parole and Probation officer.

Utilizing cognitive methods of treatment, which include Thinking for a Change and Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT), the Endeavor Program focuses on moving individuals from a life of abuse and problems into being a productive member of the community. While in the program, individuals are provided with case management services, which help with a variety of individual needs such as obtaining food, clothing, housing, medical, or case specific needs that the individual requires.

Encouraging abstinence through monitored urinalysis, the program is designed to be open-ended, as some clients need more time to complete treatment objectives then others. Group treatment meetings are gender specific and focus on principles of risk, need, responsiveness, and fidelity. The Endeavor Program also has a free family support group, which is to address the necessary understanding around addiction, while supporting those that are or have been affected by someone else’s compulsion or dependence.

Meeting the Endeavor Challenge
The Endeavor Program is a platform for rigorous self-exploration and personal development.

Urinalysis Support
Individuals enrolled in the Endeavor program are supported for maintaining abstinence from drugs by monitoring for substance use with frequent UA’s that are given around the time of group sessions. Individuals must have demonstrated sobriety for 90 days to graduate from the Endeavor program.

Group Therapy
Individuals enrolled in the Endeavor program attend three 3-hour groups per week. During the groups, individuals use the group dynamic and support to develop greater understanding and skills to manage their lives and combat addiction. During the groups clients may present treatment work and MRT steps along a variety of other activities aimed at developing pro-social life skills.

Moral Reconation Therapy
The cornerstone of the Endeavor program is Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)
which addresses beliefs and reasoning. It is a systematic, step-by-step group counseling treatment approach. The program is designed to alter how clients think and make judgments about what is right and wrong. The MRT system approaches the problem of treating resistant populations. It is evidence based and is a proven method for treating individuals in the program. MRT-treated offenders show significantly lower recidivism for periods long after treatment. Studies show MRT-treated offenders have re-arrest and re-incarceration rates substantially lower than expected.

External Support Groups
Individuals in the Endeavor program go to support groups in the community. The importance of developing external supports for individuals in recovery is seen as essential at EMERGENCE The goal of requiring attendance of 12-step and other types of groups groups is to give participants the knowledge of free community resources that are open to them during and after treatment so that they can increase the resources available to them as they re-enter the community.

Individual Services and Supports Plans
The ISSP functions cooperatively with MRT program. Each individual in Endeavor has an individual support and service plan created with their counselor, which addresses the unique needs of that individual. As the individual in the program progresses through the curriculum the plan is updated to match the changing and particular needs of each person.

To be successful in getting into the Endeavor Program:
A referral is required by your Lane County parole or probation officer to enter into treatment services through the Endeavor program:
  1. If you are indigent or unable to pay for treatment services, a free slot will be available to you.
  2. If you are able to pay for treatment services or have an insurance carrier that will pay for treatment services, EMERGENCE staff will look at placing you into another program immediately - this is dependent upon the discretion of your PO and EMERGENCe staff.
  3. Once EMERGENCE receives your referral, you will have seven days to contact our facility to sign up for treatment services. If you fail to sign up for treatment services, your referral will be closed and your PO will be notified.
I have learned to set boundaries and follow through with them and not be afraid to stand up for myself. I have learned to have confidence in myself. I have learned how to help the new comers and give them advice on what to do and not to do. I learned how to be a positive role model instead of being a negative one. I owe it all to Emergence for giving me the chance to become a different person. -R.H.