Rural Programs


Substance Abuse Treatment

The Cottage Grove location of EMERGENCE is designed to meet a variety of substance abuse treatment needs. It offers the Discovery Program, a Level 1 treatment program designed to assist individuals in satisfying a variety of court requirements for charges such as DUII and disorderly conduct, for example. This program is also available for individuals who may need personalized treatment and support in earning sobriety and leading a life free of substances. Individuals in this program may attend group sessions one to three times weekly depending on need, and also receive individual counseling sessions and regular urinalysis tests to verify abstinence from substances. Individuals in the Discovery Program receive education pertaining to DUII laws, the effects of mind-altering substances on the body and brain, the opportunity to practice skills to support sobriety and much more.

The Cottage Grove location also offers the Endeavor Program, which is designed for individuals referred by Lane County Community Corrections. Individuals referred to the Endeavor Program attend group sessions three times a week, and are also provided individual counseling, urinalysis tests and case management services to help support them in a lifestyle of recovery allowing them to reintegrate into the community as productive and respected citizens. Individuals who participate in the Endeavor Program engage in many of the same educational activities as those in the Discovery Program, and also work through thinking errors using curriculum addressing criminal behaviors such as Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT).