DUII Treatment

DUI Diversion in Lane and Linn Counties

Are you looking for answers after an arrest for DUII? Emergence can help!

As an Oregon state-certified DUII treatment provider for more than 40 years, Emergence is here to help you take steps toward living a life of recovery and reclaiming your freedom—and getting your license back.

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DUII treatment at Emergence is:
  • Affordable – Emergence accepts OHP and many insurance plans; we have grant funding available for those who qualify and offer sliding scale rates to those experiencing financial hardship.
  • Available – Emergence provides flexible schedules with daytime, evening, and weekend groups. There are several convenient locations from which to choose, including Eugene, Springfield, Albany, Florence, and Cottage Grove.
  • Accessible – Emergence locations are all ADA accessible for those experiencing mobility challenges. Treatment is offered in Spanish in our Springfield office, and participating in services over Zoom may be an option for those with transportation barriers.
  • Comprehensive – Emergence offers treatment at both Level 1 Outpatient and Level 2.1 Intensive Outpatient depending on how substance use has affected your life. We can help you resolve both old and new DUIIs, whether diversion or conviction, and our programs can meet statutory requirements for DUII Education and DUII Rehabilitation
  • Trusted – Emergence provides regular, accurate reports on attendance and treatment progress to keep participants on track to resolve their charges and get their license back.

Frequently Asked Questions about DUII treatment at Emergence

How much does DUII treatment cost?

The cost of the program varies based on the treatment needs and insurance of each unique individual. Call Emergence at 541-393-0777 to explore your options and learn more about sliding scale payments and discounted fees. As a non-profit agency, Emergence is committed to provide our community with affordable, accessible treatment.

How long does DUII treatment last?

The exact length of your DUII treatment episode depends on clinical needs, attendance, progress toward treatment goals, and ability to provide negative urine drug tests. Most individuals can complete the program in 4-6 months. You can reduce the duration of your program by attending all groups, participating actively, completing all assignments, and remaining abstinent from substances so your urine tests return negative.

Do I have to provide urine drug tests during DUII treatment?

Yes. The State of Oregon requires 90 days of documented abstinence verified by negative urine drug tests in order for a person to complete DUII treatment. You may be required to test weekly or every other week depending on your progress in the program and individual treatment goals.

Can I complete DUII treatment if I use medical marijuana?

Yes. People who use medical marijuana can participate in DUII treatment at Emergence if they have an OMMP card. To ensure adherence to Oregon Health Authority guidelines, an OMMP patient must provide these documents at the time of their intake assessment:
  • A referral sent from the Alcohol and other Drug Screening Specialist (ADSS) in the county where the DUII happened.
  • A copy of the patient’s OMMP card. You may be asked to sign a release of information with your doctor to verify your OMMP card is valid.
  • A Court-authorized use of medical marijuana and DUII service completion order that is signed by the judge.
After finishing the program, you will be responsible for taking your letter of successful DUII treatment completion to the court, where a judge will make the final determination as to whether the court’s treatment requirements have been met.

Can I complete DUII treatment if my DUII happened in another state?

Yes. Emergence can help satisfy treatment requirements of a DUII no matter which state it occurred in. You will need to provide court documentation detailing the legal charges of the DUII and the treatment requirements of the court in the other state. It will also be your responsibility to provide contact information for the individual or agency where progress and completion reports are sent.
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