Rural Programs

Rural Substance Abuse Treatment in Lane County

Emergence provides substance use treatment and recovery services to engage rural communities in Lane County at our offices conveniently located in Florence and Cottage Grove. These locations offer places for program participants to connect with treatment staff, receive recovery support, and provide their drug tests without having to travel all the way to Eugene.


Emergence provides in-person substance use treatment to people who live in Florence, Yachats, Reedsport and other coastal communities at our office on Highway 101. There are limited opportunities for telehealth treatment, as well. In Florence, Emergence can offer the a wide range of treatment services, including:

  1. Assessment and evaluation to determine the severity of substance use disorder and develop the right treatment plan.
  2. Individual counseling and group therapy to address the psychological and social factors that contribute to harmful substance use.
  3. DUI treatment and monitoring to support completion of all DMV requirements to reinstate your drivers’ license.
  4. Case management to coordinate with criminal justice requirements (like probation) and refer to Medically Assisted Therapy (MAT) for opioid use disorder.
  5. Aftercare and ongoing recovery support to help you maintain your recovery and prevent recurrence of substance use.

Cottage Grove

Emergence provides telehealth treatment services to residents of East and South Lane County via the secure Zoom platform. You can complete most activities on your treatment plan from the comfort of your own home and come into the office to provide drug testing to meet court and treatment program requirements. Telehealth services at Emergence can include:

  1. Virtual group therapy and individual counseling sessions for participants who are experiencing problems caused by substance use.
  2. DUII treatment and monitoring to help people complete all DMV requirements to reinstate their drivers’ license.
  3. Online support groups to provide a sense of community and support for participants who may feel isolated or alone in their struggles.
  4. Case management and peer support that can help participants connect with healthcare providers and other community services.

By leveraging telehealth technology, Emergence can help ensure that people in rural areas—like Cottage Grove, Oakridge, and unincorporated communities in South and East Lane County—have access to the substance use treatment they need to overcome addiction and improve their overall health and well-being.

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